Cookie Clicker Unblocked Game

Cookie Clicker is an idle clicker game. Bake millions of delicious cookies by clicking on a giant cookie. Play this game for free, no ads, and no sign in.

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Click on above 'Play Cookie Clicker' button to start the game.


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Now, Click on the cookie to play the Cookie clicker game.


Unblock Achievement

According to your click, New achievement has been unlocked.

What is Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker is a browser game where the player manages a bakery. The player can bake cookies, upgrade their bakery and purchase new buildings to produce more cookies.

The game was created by American programmer and designer Sebastian Maler in 2013. He initially released it to teach himself programming but later released it publicly on 3 December 2013.

Cookie Clicker is the most played web game of all time, with over 1 million players per day. Cookie Clicker is a game in which you click on cookies. It's simple at first but gets increasingly complex.

The late-game Meta has elaborate strategies to maximize cookie production, unlock all the upgrades and achievements, and uncover the deep lore of the grand apocalypse, the krumblor dragon, and the mysteries of the cookie universe.


  • 01. What is wrong with Cookie Clicker?

    Like any obsession, the Cookie Clicker obsession is worsening to those who manage for the addicted individual. The addiction will result in those who care for the affected person realizing the sinful. Moreover, the addicted person's family may feel responsible for that individual's habit.

  • 02. Is there an end to Cookie Clicker?

    Though the game has no end, it offers hundreds of creations, and users may strive to reach milestone numbers of cookies. The game maintains a dedicated fanbase. However, they coded the first version in one evening and regularly updated Cookie Clicker.

  • 03. Is Cookie Clicker a fun game?

    "Cookie Clicker was a joke but lifted off almost immediately, which amazed us very much at first," Thiennot said. "It wasn't meant to be a pastime! We just hit into the core psychological interest behind many games: getting something performed.

  • 04. How does Cookie Clicker make money?

    In Cookie Clicker, players will initiate purchasing workers with essential cookies to speed up the procedure. For example, the first accessible cursors will automate clicks to give rise to a player's earning rate double, triple, or even more, and it gets awards from the monotonous clicks.